Female job applicants surge month over month after marked workforce losses in 2020

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A caller study details hiring information crossed industries and parses retired applicant information by demographics for a much granular look astatine the latest workforce trends.


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Earlier this month, the endowment unreality company, iCIMS, published its Monthly Workforce Report for July. The latest study details hiring information crossed industries and parses retired applicant demographic information for a much granular look astatine the latest workforce trends. In caller months, the alleged Great Resignation of 2021 has made headlines arsenic employees question to power jobs successful the months ahead, but is this en masse turnover reflected successful iCIMS' latest workforce report?

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"There has been a batch of speech astir employees leaving their positions and companies inactive struggling to find qualified candidates for an overwhelming fig of opening positions crossed industries. However, our caller workforce study reveals that things whitethorn beryllium starting to look up," said Rhea Moss, manager of information insights and lawsuit quality astatine iCIMS.

Hiring up, and applications from women surge

The findings are based connected hiring and exertion information trends connected the iCIMS platform. As we antecedently reported, the company's April study showed that the fig of occupation openings and level hires accrued 22% and 18%, respectively. In the company's latest report, occupation openings connected iCIMS' level accrued 65% betwixt January and June, with hiring expanding 53% and full occupation applications dropping 2% during this clip period.

"This is encouraging to see, arsenic occupation openings were down 10% successful June and 20% successful May," Moss said.

Over the past year, millions of women person near the workforce with online learning and child attraction responsibilities down a portion of these losses. For example, a survey published earlier this twelvemonth recovered that men were doubly arsenic apt to accidental they could instrumentality to enactment present among respondents with children astatine home.

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The iCIMS study besides parses retired hiring and exertion information by demographics. The latest information shows accrued applications among women 25 and older. From May to June, the fig of pistillate applicants betwixt ages 25 and 34 jumped 15%, according to the report.

During this clip period, the fig of pistillate applicants accrued among each property groups including 35-44 (18%), 45-54 (18%), 55-64 (19%) arsenic good arsenic 65 and older (18%), per the report. Growth among pistillate applications outnumbered the alteration successful each big antheral property groups but 55-64, wherever applications among some genders accrued 19%.

Applications by manufacture

The study besides details industry-specific exertion data. From May to June, the question and hospitality manufacture saw an 11% summation successful the fig of occupation applicants aft the manufacture remained each but grounded successful 2020. In order, wellness services (8%), retail commercialized (7%) and financial, security and existent property industries (5%) besides saw upticks successful applications period implicit month, per iCIMS, arsenic manufacturing lagged down these different industries with applicants expanding 3% betwixt May and June.

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