'Goliath' final season takes on the opioid industry and more to watch

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(CNN)If past Sunday's Emmy Awards showed america anything, it's that determination are immoderate large shows to ticker close now.

The lawsuit besides taught america that each awards ceremonial should statesman with a rap (and Rita Wilson truly likes to amusement america her flow).

    But I digress.

      Here's conscionable a illustration of what to get into this weekend.

      Three things to watch

      'Goliath' Season 4

      Billy Bob Thornton stars arsenic  lawyer   Billy McBride successful  "Goliath."

      Billy Bob Thornton precocious told maine he's pretty overmuch playing himself if helium were a lawyer successful this Amazon Prime bid that's winding down.

      This season, erstwhile down-and-out lawyer Billy McBride comes backmost from a near-death acquisition to instrumentality connected Big Pharma amid the opioid crisis.

      "Billy is not the type, I americium not the type, who likes the thought of large corporations telling america however we should unrecorded our lives," Thornton told me. "I'm truly blessed that that was the last play due to the fact that I deliberation the improvement worked retired perfectly."

      The last play of "Goliath" starts streaming Friday connected Amazon Prime.

      'Dear White People' Season 4

      Logan Browning arsenic  Samantha White (center) is shown successful  a country   from play   4  of "Dear White People."

      If '90s euphony is your jam, you are going to emotion this play of "Dear White People."

      The Netflix acheronian drama flips the publication for its last play by making it much musical.

      Because with this show, you person to expect the unexpected.

      It's streaming now.

      'Muhammad Ali'

      Three-time satellite   heavyweight boxing champion   Muhammad Ali is shown successful  the ring.

      Yes, this is the 2nd week successful a enactment I person recommended a Muhammad Ali documentary, but helium is the top of each time, aft all.

      Ken Burns produced this 1 and delves into the beingness of the boxer and activistic who was as legendary arsenic helium often loudly proclaimed.

      It's streaming connected PBS.

      Pop Life Pop Off! Peep my caller CNN amusement each Saturday greeting connected CNN.com oregon YouTube. You tin drawback up connected past weekend's occurrence here.

      Two things to perceive to

      Sean "Diddy" Combs attends the 2018 Fox Network Upfront successful  New York City, May 14, 2018.

      Diddy is not conscionable making the band, he's besides inactive making music.

      "Off the Grid Vol. 1" follows his 2015 mixtape "MMM" (which stands for Money Making Mitch).

      More of an entrepreneur these days, the rapper calved arsenic Sean Combs, of course, founded Bad Boy Records and launched superstars similar Mary J. Blige, The Notorious B.I.G., Faith Evans and Lil' Kim.

      His caller tunes are retired Friday.

      William Shatner visits SiriusXM Studios successful  New York City, September 6, 2018.

      This 1 is retired of this world.

      "Star Trek" fable William Shatner has a caller spoken connection medium coming out.

      "Bill" chronicles the actor's beingness arsenic good arsenic the "ideas, challenges, and questions he's confronted on the way," according to Entertainment Tonight Canada.

      Oh, and it features a chopped with Joe Jonas, whose caller statement is releasing the album.

      It drops Friday.

      One happening to speech about

      Young radical   walk   an atrocious  batch  of clip  connected  screens these days.

      Is determination thing harder these days than trying to speech to kids?

      Between them being buried successful their phones and tablets oregon the information that, honestly, you conscionable aren't considered precise chill arsenic acold arsenic they are concerned, it tin beryllium a challenge.

      But Michelle Icard, writer of "Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen," has a fewer ideas connected immoderate of the ways you tin usage amusement — and your kids' obsession with it — to assistance span that connection gap.

      That's right, popular civilization tin beryllium some amusive AND applicable successful your mundane life.

      You heard it present first.

      Something to sip on

      (From left) Kate Winslet, Brett Goldstein and Olivia Colman won acting Emmys past  Sunday.

      This #EmmysSoWhite happening tin beryllium tricky.

      The hashtag trended connected Twitter this week, fueled by outrage erstwhile nary performers of colour won successful immoderate of the large acting categories.

        Any of the calls for amended diverseness successful Hollywood tin look analyzable due to the fact that it seems similar the nominations and awards should spell to the champion performers, right?

        In a cleanable world, yes. But this satellite is acold from perfect, which is wherefore we indispensable enactment checking that the playing tract isn't truthful incredibly uneven that endowment is overlooked.

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