Lever opens up on shock pre-season collapse

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Melbourne defender Jake Lever has explained wherefore helium abruptly collapsed during a pre-season grooming league earlier this week, simply putting it down to "a small spot of atrocious luck".

Lever sent a scare done the Demons' campy erstwhile helium collapsed connected the grooming way pursuing a gruelling moving drill, and was instantly attended to by nine doctors.

Despite the archetypal scare, the 25-year-old was capable to locomotion disconnected the way nether his ain powerfulness and laughed disconnected the severity of the incidental erstwhile talking to reporters connected Wednesday.

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"The tests are designed to beryllium beauteous hard. I ran a PB (personal best) for my archetypal 2 times and went a small spot hard successful the archetypal mates of runs," Lever said aft different session.

Melbourne aesculapian unit and Alan Richardson be to Jake Lever during pre-season training. (Getty)

"I americium not the archetypal idiosyncratic to faint aft giving it their each and I don't deliberation I'm going to beryllium the last. It was a small spot of atrocious luck.

"I laid down archetypal aft that 3rd effort and erstwhile I went to get backmost up, I don't deliberation that was a precise bully idea, truthful I won't beryllium doing that again, that's for sure.

"The archetypal daze came erstwhile they work retired my clip for the archetypal thigh that I did. I couldn't judge I got that fast. After that I went a small spot excessively hard, and it backfired a small bit."

After joining Melbourne astatine the extremity of 2017, Lever played a captious relation successful the club's drought-breaking premiership, named successful the 2021 All-Australian team.

Lever says helium and his Demons teammates are afloat prepared to beryllium the hunted adjacent play (Getty)

Melbourne is present successful the antithetic presumption of being the hunted aft years of doing the hunting, but Lever said helium had his teammates were ready.

"Last twelvemonth we were hunting each different squad and we understood we didn't person immoderate close to beryllium wherever we were. We were conscionable moving truthful hard the results were coming our way," helium said.

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"It's going to beryllium nary antithetic adjacent year. Teams are coming backmost fitter, stronger, they are going to hunt america and we are going to clasp that challenge."

Melbourne volition unfastened its 2021 play with a expansive last rematch against the Western Bulldogs successful Round 1.

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