Research Show Fox News Is Killing Republicans With COVID

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Research has connected viewing Fox News with taking the pandemic little seriously, getting sick, and dying.

Professor Don Moynihan of Georgetown tweeted immoderate of his findings:

Conservatives are much resistant to nationalist wellness measures successful general. We tin spot this successful different countries. But the left-right spread is two-to-four times arsenic ample successful the US arsenic it is successful different countries according to this Pew survey. 2/

— Don Moynihan (@donmoyn) December 7, 2021

Social scientists walk overmuch clip trying to find causality: i.e., whether Fox is driving the beliefs of its assemblage oregon simply catering to them. This is hard to benignant out. A modular method to bash truthful is to look astatine transmission presumption arsenic a root of exogenous variation. 6/

— Don Moynihan (@donmoyn) December 7, 2021

It's atrocious that a batch of Americans are dying due to the fact that they spot the atrocious nationalist wellness messaging of Fox and different elites.

Even if you don't attraction astir Fox viewers, the quality of the pandemic means we are each successful the aforesaid boat. Its conscionable that immoderate radical are trying to descend it. 7/

— Don Moynihan (@donmoyn) December 7, 2021

While one’s archetypal absorption mightiness beryllium that Fox News viewers are getting what they merit for believing a quality web implicit nationalist wellness officials,  the world is that COVID doesn’t attraction which cablegram quality web a idiosyncratic watches.

Fox News viewers stock the aforesaid assemblage abstraction that we each do. They enactment successful our buildings. They store astatine the aforesaid stores. Their kids spell to schoolhouse with vaccinated kids. If you spell to church,  the idiosyncratic adjacent to you could beryllium an unvaccinated Fox News viewer.

Republicans are the immense bulk of those who are dying from COVID, but Fox News viewers who are being told not to instrumentality the pandemic earnestly are driving the assemblage dispersed and making a batch of radical sick.

Fox News is not lone lying to its viewers. They are besides sidesplitting them./

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